Polygon Sunfire Backpack

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Polygon Sunfire 17″ Laptop Backpack with soft quilted lining offers ultimate protection and flexibility for Macbooks.

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Product Description

It’s the little perks that make life a little brighter. The Polygon Series was ignited to fulfill that burning desire to seize the day. Clean angular lines give an aggressive look to this series; that should trigger some endorphins, right!?!

Fidlock  Plus we figured killer technology doesn’t have to be reserved for digital gadgets; so, we added new Fidlock style buckles that slide open and snap closed with powerful magnetic strength.


  • Soft quilted lining offers ultimate protection and flexibility for Macbooks up to 17″
  • Interior iPad pocket lined with soft padded fabric
  • Fidlock magnetic snap buckles close automatically and can be opened with ease by sliding laterally
  • Custom molded polygon design back padding for sleek look, extra durability and ultimate comfort
  • Water resistant ripstop material for added durability

Device Compatibility:

Part # – 36305 – 15” x 11” x 1.75”


  1. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Armando Familiar
    Comfortable, lots of acesible and useful pockets, and it looks great. It seems it’s going to be my backpack for some years!

  2. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Louie Hawk
    Darker than it looked in the picture,but I like it more this way. Very good protection for my laptop.

  3. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Betty L. Dravis A VINE REVIEWER from Silicon Valley, CA
    Wow! I grabbed this product as soon as I saw it!

    This is perfect for outings when I need to take my laptop, Kindle Fire, cell phone and other high-tech gadgets that are an essential part of my life nowadays. A soft, quilted interior lining offers ultimate protection and flexibility.

    Speaking of capacity, there’s also room for a jacket, some shorts (or jeans) and a few other things, as well.

    The water-resistant, ripstop fabric is equipped with magnetic snap buckles for automatic protection and durability. And it’s sleek and modern-looking too; note the cool waffle design back-padding and the neutral gray color with popular orange trim. Just my style!

    Another feature that athletes and students will like is that the webbing is reflective for additional safety at night…while cycling to their destinations or walking home from school.

    I love! Love! Love my backpack. Recommend it very highly.

  4. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Ferdy A VINE REVIEWER
    We have been extremely impressed with this Laptop Backpack from Altego. It’s roomy enough for my husband’s large 17 inch work laptop but also has a pocket that will hold my daughter’s Kindle when we’re on the go. It has several other pockets for different bits like your keys or wallet as well. The interior is well padded with a quilted foam type insulation so the laptop is protected but it doesn’t add any weight to the pack. The straps are wide and padded for comfort. What I really love is the magnetic clasps. They open easily by sliding to the side and then click together magnetically to close. It is also waterproof.
    If you have a student that has to carry a laptop around and to class, this is an ideal backpack. It is durable yet lightweight and comfortable. It also seems extremely sturdy as far as the fabric and stitching. It would works for anyone whose job requires carrying a laptop. The color scheme might be a bit bright for an executive but I believe they offer them if a variety of colors.
    Overall, this is the best laptop backpack that we’ve ever owned and even exceeds some that have higher prices. You spend a lot on a laptop so it only makes sense to buy a backpack that will protect your investment, especially for high school or college age kids who aren’t always the most responsible. I have and will continue to recommend this product.

  5. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Dave Edmiston A VINE REVIEWER from So Cal
    I’m hard to please with a backpack. There’s definitely a Goldilocks sweet-spot where the number of pockets is just right. Too few pockets mean the pack isn’t very functional, but too many pockets mean you’re never going to find the thing you’re looking for. The interior and exterior pockets in this pack are just right (for me, at least).

    The material is a little heavy, but I’m strong enough to deal with it. I’d rather having a pack that’s durable and won’t have to be replaced after a year or less. The fabric and seams are very well done on this pack. The straps, zippers, and clasps are also high quality. It took me a minute to figure out how to work the two main clasps for unfastening the top main flap. They use a magnet and you slide the clasp sideways: clever design, but I’m not sure if this was necessary.

    It took me a minute to figure out that the laptop pocket isn’t inside the main compartment. At first I was disappointed, because I thought it wouldn’t hold a very large machine. But then I realized that the compartment I was looking at was a very roomy tablet pocket (iPad, etc.). The laptop compartment is actually on the side, outside the “main” section of the pack. I like this. It makes it very easy to get to. Plus it has a lot of padding from the main pad that goes against your back.

    This is a good pack. Luckily the gray is a little darker than it appears in the photo so it won’t show the dirt so much. I’ll still do my best to keep this one clean so it will last longer. My bags always get dirty when I put them under the seat in front of me on a plane. This one has a nice finish on it though, so it should be easy enough to scrub off the schmutz.

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