Coated Canvas Cyan Messenger

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Coated Canvas Cyan 15″ Laptop Messenger has soft quilted lining offers ultimate protections and flexibility for both 13” and 15” MacBooks.


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Product Description

Convenience and mobility are not just a way of life they are the way of life.The Coated Canvas Cyan Series doesn’t feature new ways of carrying technology of today it just makes it an after thought. Simplistic clean lines with realistic features, not over-the-top, distractions allow this collection to keep the individual on the go.

Soft quilted lining offers ultimate protections and flexibility for both 13” and 15” MacBooks

Soft quilted lining offers ultimate protections and flexibility for both 13” and 15” MacBooks
Soft padded fabric lines interior iPad pocket
Metal self-locking twist buckle for quick one-handed closer while on the go
Custom molded waffle design back padding for sleek look, extra durability and ultimate comfort
Commercial grade five bar seat belt webbing shoulder strap
Water resistant coated canvas for added durability

Device Compatibility:
Part # – 36600 – 14.75” x 10.5” x 1.75”


  1. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Sherry
    Really nice bag! Sturdy quality with a very clean style. It’s very utilitarian friendly, too, with plenty of inside pockets. One is designated specifically for the iPad. There are two smaller interior pockets, and then three mesh pockets about medium size that can fit an array of items. A nice, cushy, padded pocket on the back for the 15″ Macbook Pro (Retina) for easy access and maximum protection. There’s even a removable velcro padding on the bottom of the case to give extra protection, or you can remove it if your laptop fits too snug. The price is really the biggest selling point, since the design is maxed on out quality without overcharging on price. There’s weather-resistant canvas all over the bag so it won’t soak in the rain, and the bottom is lined with weather-proofing material in case you set it down in water or something. Overall a really nice buy and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this gem!!

  2. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Technofile
    I purchased this bag to go with my new macbook pro 15.4″ retina so that I could have a safe way of carrying it around campus without having to buy a bunch of extra protection items (hard cases, sleeves, skins, etc). First off, the quality of the bag is fantastic! I’ve had this bag for a few weeks now and it’s carried everything from computers, groceries, textbooks, alcohol, and more without the slightest wear from it. The laptop section on the back of the bag (the part that is against your body when you wear it) is super soft and the zipper goes across the top and down one side. This is particularly helpful so that you don’t scratch your computer on the zipper when you put it in/take it out. On the inside of the laptop pocket there is also a small velcro padded piece across the bottom to provide more padding for when you set your bag down. This is a brilliant idea that I think a lot of manufacturers tend to overlook. It is nice to have padding on the side and all, but when you set your bag down, the bottom of the bag is the part that gets the most impact. My macbook pro hasn’t come in yet though (extremely limited supply), so until it does, I’ve been using my 15.4″ toshiba satellite computer. Now this laptop is thicker than the macbook I intend to use this product with, but still, the size is the same. The only thing I’m not a fan of is how snug my laptop fits into the case in back. I have to take out the padding on the bottom and then the zippers are slightly bulging when I zip it up. My laptop won’t fit if the padding on the bottom is left in there. I hope this turns out to be different for my macbook when it comes in. As for the front pockets, there is one giant open space that is big enough for about 2 textbooks and 2 spirals with an umbrella and water bottle on the sides. The iPad pocket is awesome because it fits my galaxy tab 10.1. There is a zippered section as well in the main area where you can fit in some loose papers if you have them. The pocket on the outside flap though is what I find extremely handy. I put my wallet, keys, chapstick, usb drives, extra lead for my pencils, and more in there for quick access. Overall, this is a fantastic product. The only reason I’m giving it a 4/5 instead of a 5/5 is because I would like to be able to fit my laptop in it without having to take out the padding on the bottom.

    Edit: I have now received my macbook pro and the fit is unbelievable. I can put the padding on the bottom and everything fits perfectly. I even put a hard case on my computer and it’s still not too tight to make me worry. I can’t believe how good of a bag this is!

  3. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by J. Campbell
    I can’t speak highly enough of this bag. Extremely functional, durable, & easy to carry. If it had one or two small interior pockets that zipped or sealed, instead of the open pockets inside, I’d love it even more. But even that has not presented any sort of problem. The iPad pocket is GENIUS! So great not having to worry about anything smashing up the screen. I have a fairly bulky Targus iPad case, and it still fits fine. I also carry a 15″ Lenovo laptop that fits in the PADDED & ISOLATED computer pocket with an inch or two to spare. In addition, I always have at least one ‘Estimate’ Folder/Binder, a Planner, a notebook, some pens etc. A place for all of that mess! Lastly, the shoulder strap is made from a car seat belt (same material anyways). So obviously the curability of that cannot be called into question. I am so happy that I bought this instead of the much more expensive bags that I was considering. It was the positive comments that led to my decision, so I figured that I better ‘Pay it Forward’. Buy & Enjoy

  4. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by T. Eng “Ty” from NY
    I bought this bag to replace my 27 year old REI bag that is still good. Getting back to this bag all I can say about the Altego bag is that it is a very well made bag. I needed a bag that could carry a laptop, which the other bag was lacking from it old age. One thing that I noticed was there was no plastic self locking twist buckles on the shoulder belt portion. I was happily surprise to see that it was all smooth rounded metal edges that will not cut the strap. The shoulder strap is a quality commercial grade seat belt that is top notch. Plus the cushion part of the shoulder strap is not that short one, but one that goes over your shoulder to take off the weight. Plus the cush has a rubberized like portion that will grip your shoulder. My REI has the short rounded spikes to adhere to the shoulder and it is good to see that they thought about this in the bag. That is nothing worst than a bag trying to slipping off your shoulder.

    I had not realized that the two twist locks on the front engage when you push down to close the flap. I do like that small zipper pocket on the front of the bag. I think that will be my main place for me to store my Zune player or in the inside. The smart phone I will probably leave it inside.

    The bag fits my small ThnkPad ultraportable laptop with plenty of room. One thing is that I wanted a 15″ bag and not the 17″ laptop messenger bags.

    The pockets and netting sleeves is more than enough for me and suits my needs. Most bags that I have seen doesn’t have enough usuable pockets. I can keep by clipboard in the front main pocket with the camera, Zune player, candy bars, and a bunch of other things seperately in their individual pockets. Hopefully, sometime soon I will get a tablet to try out. This is one bag that I am glad that I purchased.

    I got a 10.1″ tablet that just about fits the sleeve that may petrude less than 3/4″ above the inside sleeve. I know it is really for an I Pad, but when I do get a case it should be fine.

    The cushion shoulder strap pad really feels great on my shoulder. You know how some shoulder pads have a way to dig into your shoulder that you start to hold the shoulder strap in the way to lighten the load. Well, I have had 6 messenger bags after my first REI bag and they all dug into my shoulder. That includes the REI bag that dug into my shoulder that sometime I would carry or just go across my body with the shoulder strap.

  5. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Cara
    I love this bag, it is great for everything I need for school although I didn’t get the fastenings for about 5 minutes.

  6. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by J. M. Hodge from Rutland, VT
    I purchased this bag for my new Dell laptop. I took the bag (with laptop) as my carry on during my recent trip to Mexico. It was very easy to open the bag and remove the laptop for security, without worrying that other items would fall out. There was plenty of room for travel necessities (books, snacks, etc.) inside the bag; inside pockets for the cables kept everything neat and easy to find. The outside zip pocket was perfect for travel documents. The bag is lightweight and water repellant ( good thing, because it was pouring when we got to our resort!). I highly recommend this bag!

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