Channel Stitched Ruby Backpack

$ 80.00

Channel Stitched Ruby 17″ Laptop Backpack with quilted soft flannel laptop compartment for ultimate protection and flexibility for MacBooks.


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Product Description

No fuss protection is the motto of the Channel Stitched Ruby Series. Protective pocket for a laptop, iPad, and all the other digital devices that needs protection while on the go are easily contained and protected.



  • Quilted soft flannel laptop compartment for ultimate protection and flexibility for MacBooks up to 17″
  • Soft padded flannel lines interior iPad pocket
  • Custom molded waffle design back padding for sleek look, extra durability and ultimate comfort
  • Channel stitched front flap with adjustable front buckle closure
  • Durable poly material with water resistant bottom and red trim

Device Compatibility:
Part # – 36301 – 15.75” x 10.75” x 2”


  1. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by D. LIZARRAGA V from Caracas, Venezuela
    The backpack is great, very stylish and looks durable. Has just enough space to fit my 17,3″ Toshiba L875D laptop. The laptop compartment looks very secure and padded. Besides, you could fit an iPad (or any other tablet), and some books and notebooks, great buy.

    El bolso es genial, tiene mucho estilo, parece duradero y no es tan llamativo. Tiene especio suficiente para mi laptop Toshiba L875D de 17,3″. El compartimiento para la laptop es muy seguro y acolchado. Además, cabe un ipad (o cualquier otro tablet), y algunos libros y cuadernos. Fue una buena compra.

    Saludos desde Venezuela.

  2. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Joe User
    This laptop bag is spacious and offers a couple of zip up pouches in addition to the two large storage areas. I purchased this for a 17.3 inch Qosmio laptop. I like that the inside is a flannel design that reminds me of a thick sleeping bag. I can rest well knowing my gear is well protected. Also, the part that touches your back is padded, and the bottom is water resistant. I like how the back flap buckles in securely – it kind of cinches down the items in the secondary large compartment (which has several pockets also) and keeps everything from jostling around. Finally, this case looks MUCH BETTER IN PERSON than in the amazon picture. If I get a minute I’ll upload some proper photos so you can see what I mean. It looks good. You can expect to look about as good as a geek carrying around a 17″ laptop backpack could expect to look. 😉

    EDIT: After using this with my Qosmio x70 I need to update you. The laptop won’t fit unless you remove the velcro pad at the bottom of the laptop case. Even with it removed the 17.3 is very tight in there. You might want to make sure your other gaming laptops will fit before buying! I can confirm that Toshiba Qosmio x70 series will fit – but expect a TIGHT FIT.

  3. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Kristy Smith
    This has all the pockets I need and I especially love that the tablet pocket is not directly connected to the laptop pocket so there is less chance of them jolting against each other in a rough situation. I also love how padded the laptop zip up pocket is. To be honest, I gave this pack the ultimate test – while fully loaded with all my technology, including cell phone and mifi in their own little pockets, I launched the pack across the room – verdict? NOT A SINGLE THING WRONG WITH ANY OF MY TECH STUFF!!! AND everything stayed in their pockets! So awesome and trendy colors as well!!!

    (We would like to remind our customers that we do not endorse launching your backpack across the room and we are not liable for mishaps to your tech stuff 🙂 thanks!)

  4. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Andrew Durbin
    I usually don’t write reviews, but this backpack surpassed my expectations so far I feel compelled to commend Altego for its incredible work.

    I’ve had this backpack for about 3 months now, and I’ve got to say it’s the best backpack I’ve ever owned! It’s built extremely sturdily, and has very strong material and seams. The main pocket is like a sleeping bag for my laptop (and it’s a big Windows gaming laptop), and protects it against anything without a scratch. The pockets are all conveniently located and sized, and so I can hold my water bottles, my Tascam sound recorder, my extra hard drive, my assortment of writing utensils, my charger, my extra battery, and a snack with ease.

    Please note that it is intended for students who carry their laptop/accessories and only one large textbook at the most. If you’re looking to carry multiple books, I’d look elsewhere.

  5. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by Tracy Berry/strong>
    I absolutely love this bag! Tough (so far), has extra space, and the cushion for the laptop, awesome is all I can say!

  6. Amazon Review

    5 Star Amazon Review 5 Star Amazon Review by V. GARAY
    I bought both the grey & red and the charcoal & blue backpacks for my sons who are homeschooling. The backpacks are exactly what we were looking for. They securely keep their tablets, computers, notebooks, and a book. The backpack also houses their chargers, headphones and computer mouse without getting bulky or too heavy. We are satisfied with our purchase.

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