15 inch Clear Sleeve – Platinum

$ 24.99

This 15 inch clear laptop sleeve is perfect for your Macbook. The clear front panel shows off that Apple logo and features Air Cushion™ technology that provides protection by absorbing shocks and impacts.

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Product Description

Yeah we know… you don’t own a Mac because it’s the “cool” thing to do.  You seriously need it. It has the best graphics, most user friendly operating system, really sweet photo organization – where would you be without it!?!  Seriously how can anyone own anything other than a Mac? So, you like things a little bit bigger and a little bit better – that’s okay. That’s why you need a case that is a step above.  This 15 inch laptop sleeve is sized to fit your perfect MacBook Pro.

This sleeve has a clamshell double-zipper design for quick and easy placement of your laptop! The clear front panel shows off your laptop design or color and features Air Cushion™ technology that provides protection by absorbing shocks and impacts. Also made from water-resistant durable neoprene with molded Cushion Cell™ lining, the sleeve offers extra protection for your laptop, when carried alone or in another bag. The laptop sleeve design complies with TSA guidelines so you can quickly move through airport security without removing your laptop.


  • Transparent front panel featuring Air Cushion™ technology protection
  • Show off your personality and style while keeping your laptop safe in the sleeve
  • Thick neoprene with Cushion Cell™ lining
  • Check Point Friendly – No need to remove your laptop while going through airport security
  • Patent Pending

Additional Info on Air Pocket panel:

  • Air has been shown to provide superior protection from shock, impact and vibration
  • Each air pocket is independent in order to provide laptop protection in the case of a single air pocket puncture
  • Made of clear material to provide best visibility and durability

Device Compatibility:: 14.5″ x 9.8″ x 1.4″


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