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There are few things less comfortable than sleeping in coach class on the airplane, but that is why the neck pillow was invented. They may seem dorky at first, but with so many varieties in color, pattern and features (we’re talking aromatherapy, people), you can finally get away with carrying one.

Traveling Massage Pillow with Speakers




This multitasking neck pillow serves as both your iPod and your personal masseuse. You’ll find integrated speakers with a cord that plugs into your phone or MP3, a pocket to hold the music playing device, and a massage feature with not one, not two, but three different speeds. You’re basically at the spa.


Long Cat Neck Pillow


We all know that real men love cats, and what better way to flaunt your manhood than with a cat neck pillow? This meme-inspired pillow is made of soft, face-worthy fleece, and wraps far enough around your neck for sufficient slumber positions.


Aroma Snoozer



If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep in the car or plane, why not try aromatherapy? In this pillow version of the practice, you add droplets of lavender oil into an atomiser, which then defuses it throughout the pillow. Since the ends sit closest to your nose, you’re guaranteed to sniff the calming scent as you doze off. Better yet, the pillow is inflatable and comes in a drawstring bag, which makes transport even easier. We smell a winner.


Skyrest Travel Pillow


At first glance, this pillow doesn’t seem like the most practical. Look again. It deflates into virtually nothing! Forget neck cramps and that awkward encounter with your neighbor, this pillow will keep you sleeping at a comfortable angle without ending up on someone else’s shoulder. It may look a little ridiculous, but hey, if SkyMall says it’s okay, so do we.


Ultimate Neck Pillow


With an optional chin strap, storage bag, luggage attachment and side pocket, this pillow has more features than a furnished bed. The pillow is made with special slip-resistant backing to keep your head in place, and moisture absorbing fabric for all of those times you fall asleep with your mouth open. And don’t be mislead by the size of this thing–it only weighs 11 ounces, so no need to worry about traveling lightly.


Remedy Memory Foam Amazing Pillow


While this pillow may not be the most masculine of travel accessories, it sure is comfortable. You can twist, turn, and fold the pillow any way you like. And with memory foam and tension-easing microbeads, you’re sure to find the perfect position. Better yet, the pillow comes as a set of two, so you’ll be able to share with someone who actually appreciates the baby pink color.


Ostrich Pillow


The Ostrich Pillow is said to “allow you to create a little private space within a public one, to relax and unwind,” and it clearly does that in the most ridiculous way possible. With a soothing interior and spots for your hands, you can take an instant power nap any time, anywhere.


Animal Character Travel Neck Pillow


Get in touch with your sensitive side as you flaunt one of these stuffed animal neck pillows. With options like a giraffe, lion, moose, and raccoon, you can buy them for your whole crew without fear of overlap. You have to admit, they’re pretty darn cute.


And When All Else Fails…


You can never go wrong with a good stuffed snake. They function just as well as most of these ridiculous neck pillows, plus you’re more than likely to have one laying in a box from your childhood. So get a little nostalgic while you sort through your parents’ basement. Or, just buy one online.


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