Some interesting theories on the keys and belt loops phenomenon.

Fashion trends are certainly a phenomenon that only few understand. Since introducing the Altego Fidlock Keychain, we’ve started to wonder…where and when did wearing key chains on belt loops become popular? So we dug around and found some interesting theories on the keys on belt loops phenomenon.

Just some interesting information: did you know belt loops weren’t even on pants until the 1920’s? They were mainly used among military officers to make them seem more in shape.

So why did people start wearing their keys on belt loops? Here are some theories we found:

1) Keys won’t fit in pockets-Skinny jeans are just simply too tight and have too small of pockets to fit anything in them except MAYBE a piece of gum. In the late 2000’s skinny jeans became popular among men and are still going strong. To offset the amount of space that the jeans lack, skinny jean wearers started donning their keys on the outside of their jeans instead of the inside pockets.

2) More convenient-after ready many forums, the simple explanation of…”it’s more convenient” was prominent.

3) Tear up pockets-some people also stated that they decided to wear their keys on the outside of their pockets because the keys wear out the fabric when they sit down.


4) No more room-smartphones, wallet, gum…there’s just not enough space for keys.


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