My Thanksgiving this year wasn’t spent in typical holiday tradition sitting idly watching football or planning black Friday shopping excursions; this year it was in the middle of the Texas Hill country without even cell service and yet full of family fun and adventure. Being the city gal that I am, I might have been “getting away” from work and daily responsibilities but my laptop was making the trip regardless. So I packed up my necessary equipment in my Altego backpack and headed to “camp”. Camp Eagle that is. It’s a great place – you should check it out.
On Thanksgiving we decided to head out and concur the newest “high ropes” adventure at camp eagle… so new in fact it isn’t even completely finished but I was in luck because my brother is trained and able to run the zip line anyway (he lives and works there as a Director of several programs). This zip line is a 3000ft zip line – the longest in Texas and according to some GPS fun it gets ya going about 50mph! Lovingly referred to as the Mega Zip.
So we (my brother) packed up all the needed gear and we headed out. I thought it would be fun to make a little documentary of the adventure so I brought my backpack along with me for the ride.


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