A set of trinkets and devices for those who are constantly plugged into the world wide web.

Bag Of Feels

People on the Internet have so many feelings that they repress in the outside world. Throughout the course of the day, rejection from peers and coworkers sends them straight to the computer so they can let it all out. Emotions like anger, fear, sadness, happiness and insecurity are magnified through the magic screened portal.

Anything without a proper trigger warning can unleash the “creys.” Cute animal pictures give them enough feelings to sob like Kristen Bell in the presence of a three-toed sloth or perhaps more like Natalie Portman losing her cool in any movie you could think of.

Where to put all these feels? Perhaps in the Altego laptop backpack! They can also stash both a laptop and a tablet device in special, lined pockets. (Also, it’s waterproof. For the tears.)

$80, Altego

Via Popular Science.

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