Airports across the globe are following in M.O.P’s words and anteing-up. The days of terminals filled with fast food and too few power outlets are over. To keep passengers happy and traveling, the world’s most frequented hubs have changed the game by adding luxurious avenues of oddball entertainment and health facilities, to help you relax while en route. Stuck at the gate? Good (if it’s at one of the places we list) because the attractions we’ve uncovered will make you want to miss your flight.


Fitness Center and Gym



Where: Dubai International Airport – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known to flex their money muscle, housing a majority of “world’s bests” and “biggest,” but they’re also flexing their actual muscles. At DXB you can pay by the hour to their G-Force Health Club, which houses a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and fully stacked gymnasium ($13 an hour). Perfect for tiring yourself out and getting some movement in before being stuck on a long flight. Pull something from stuntin’ too hard? They also offer Swedish and Shiatsu massages ($64 an hour). Open 24/7, when you’re finished here, enjoy a private shower, and detox in the steam rooms and saunas.

Opt for the water and gym combo for $36, valid for three hours and 45 minutes. So fresh and so clean, clean.




Where: McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas, United States

You only gamble when you’re in Vegas, right? So why not soak it in from the second you land to the second you leave. Or maybe you just wanna try to win before it’s too late. Whatever your deal is, put your deals in, because McCarran International is filled with Casinos. Stuck here thanks to a flight delay? It could be a sign…cha-ching.

Rooftop Pool


Where: Changi Airport – Singapore, Singapore

Crowned “The Best Airport In The World”  by international travel research and consultancy group, Skytrax, Singapore’s Changi Airport could practically fill each of the 6 spots in this list on its own. A reflexology and fish spa, four-story slide, butterfly garden, free 24 hour movie theater playing blockbusters, free Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gaming area, and all the food and luxury shopping you can imagine aren’t even why we picked Changi Airport. We picked it for the Balinese-themed rooftop pool.

For just $13.91 you can dive into the swimming pool, jacuzzi, shower facilities, and a complimentary drink, but make sure you leave enough time for all the other nutty stuff in this place…and for boarding.

9 Hole Golf Course


Where: Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong, China

Not only does SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course in HKIA have the dopest name possible for an airport golf course, but it’s also Hong Kong’s first nine-hole golf created to United States Golf Association standards. Boss. That’s more than most major cities can claim.

Store your bags at the club house, rent clubs at the on-site pro-shop, and get a game in between connecting flights. Leave it to HK to come up with something so exuberant. It even has it’s own signature hole, Island Green, set in the middle of an artificial lake, which is also unique for HK. And yet, you still haven’t landed for your vacation–you’re merely in transit.


Yoga Room


Where: San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco, United States

If this seems less weird to you, it’s because you’re becoming acclimated, Yogi, as it’s picking up steam and spreading far beyond SFO. But the airport Yoga Room will always be funny to us. Free to use, the 150-square-foot room with mirrored walls contains yoga mats, chairs, and anything else you may need. As long as you leave your shoes, and cellphones, at the door. No biggie, it’s a zen zone. They won’t TSA you.



Rainforest walk, Sepang Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where: Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

‘Airport in the forest, forest in the airport’, Kuala Lumpur’s airport was built around an entire section of rain forest transplanted from the jungle. So get your Instragram video game on without leaving your gate. No one has to know your nature hike was more of a…walk through the terminal.


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