Altego’s newly released Channel Stitched Ruby series and Coated Canvas Cyan series laptop cases lend themselves to a variety of users from mobile workers, daily commuters, medical professionals to on-the-go parents. So we asked a few users What’s in Your Bag? Here are some of the pictures we got. DAILY COMMUTER: “I’m a female and […]

If you’ve ever travelled for business – or travelled the world with only a backpack on your shoulders – you’ll know the pain of packing lightly – and the difference a good bag or a good technique can make. I know, for sure, that my life changed the day I realised you could roll up […]

We make laptop sleeve, and backpacks but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a keen eye for well designed products. In fact, we like to think our backpacks and accessories are well designed and slightly unique. Over at My Modern Met they’ve compiled quite a list of extremely unique products with amazing design elements. Would you consider […]