When you travel frequently, the quality of your airport experience really makes a difference. The ease of check in and security, the variety of quality food options and of course, added bonuses like iPads in the boarding area and power outlets to charge devices before you fly, all add up to make or break your airport experience.
Add in the up and coming competition of spas, sleeping pods and even yoga rooms and you can see the market for being the best of the best is strong. Then there’s those who fail – and fail miserably.

Here are some of the best and worst airports in the US.

Best: Minneapolis – MSP

Despite perhaps never having an actual need to fly to MSP, this is rated as the BEST in the US. There are numerous shopping and food and drink options and when it comes to check in and security, this midwestern gem is a cheerful as it gets. If you find yourself at MSP make sure you visit Concourse G – it’s out with the same old airport dining and in with hand-stretched noodles and raw oyster plates from some of the Twin Cities best-known chefs.

Worst: New York La Guardia -LGA

LGA is pretty bad when it comes to a variety of components. What makes one of NYC’s 3 major airports suck?
Well to start with, it hasn’t aged well. It consistently rates the worst for it’s check-in and security process and always seems to have a good ol’ traffic jam for take off.
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re currently 74th in line for departure, so it’s gonna be a while” sound familiar?

Worst: Los Angeles -LAX

Surprising that the Hollywood treatment hasn’t extended to an LAX makeover. This bad boy tends to rate the worst for check-in + security, baggage handling (or lack thereof), staff communication and overall cleanliness.



Best: Orlando – MCO

When you are the gateway to Disney World then you are going to see some foot traffic as an airport. A high rating from fliers for Wi-Fi and shopping, the biggest plus here for a kids zone to keep the little Mickey’s and Minnie’s entertained (and out of the adults way) Because of it’s popularity, you may find some wait times with check-in and security.

A bonus: Bringing the Florida tropical vibe inside, with palm trees adorning the terminal.


Worst: Philadelphia – PHL

Philadelphia’s airport is generally pretty bad overall. Delays, bad customer service, long lines for security and cleanliness and inefficient bag handling. It doesn’t help the terminal itself is poorly designed as well.
If you have a choice to connect or not connect through Philly, we’d go with the later.


Best: Charlotte – CLT

A big connector to the South, Charlotte is leading the pack on Wi-Fi and the ability to get online fast. With a lot of business travelers and financial companies within this Southern city, it makes sense that they care about tech. This hub also rates strongly for a convenient location, lounges and the overall check-in and security process.

Worst: New York – JFK

It’s sad that another NYC location makes the list, but when the best thing about the airport is ease to get a cab, then you know you are not off to a good start.
Despite some upgrades on the food front with the new Jet Blue terminal, JFK still ranks on the low-low end for all things security and check-in, luggage waits, bad Wi-Fi and of course, location in proximity to the city.


Best: San Francisco – SFO

The Bay Area’s main air transportation hub won praise for a variety of amenities including reliable Wi-Fi, modern design, short waits for luggage and even a Yoga room for some relaxation before your flight. The light-filled Terminal 2 serves Virgin American and AA is pretty awesome with great dining options including Cat Cora’s Kitchen with raw bar and full cocktail and wine list.


Worst: Newark – EWR

Oh, Newark. You round out the New York trifecta with low ratings for design, cleanliness, baggage handling and worst of all check-in and security lines.
Not to mention your outlandish fares to get back into NYC, forcing almost everyone to take the AirTrain and an unwanted visit to Penn Station. Boo to you.


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