Daisy says,

“I absolutely love this company i had this Fantastic opportunity to review 17″ Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve. I love the style, shape, and unlike other laptop sleeves Altego has 2 zippers which i really love, the front is clear and (as shown in picture above) the front has a bubble like style to it and on the inside back also (shown in picture above) has a bubble style in color of grey it feels like a foam material its just awesome. The back of the laptop sleeve is solid black and material is great its soft but yet strong enough that i know it won’t tear nor rip apart. The bubble style front and inside back protects the laptop its so unique and so unlike other laptop sleeves that i had before i know Altego will protect my laptop and its perfect for when its raining or if i spill anything on my laptop sleeve the plastic front will protect my laptop from rain, or just any liquid spills even food spills its is very easy to clean just wipe with a damp cloth and the front plastic is clean what a great product. On the side of the laptop sleeve also (shown in picture above) is the thinness of the laptop sleeve and you can see the bubble style. Altego is the perfect product for traveling, going to college its perfect to just to have.”


Check out the full review here.



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