The Coated Canvas Cyan Series and Channel Stitched Ruby Series offer updated style and ultimate protection. Fort Worth, Texas – May 2, 2012 — Altego, a Samsill Corporation brand, announced today the launch of two new distinct lines of laptop bags and cases. These new laptop bags, designed for the Apple MacBook and iPad, offer […]


The main characteristic of Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve is transparent front panel which allows designer or stylist laptop, netbook or notebook computer with color, custom-designed lid, adhesive skin or even LED indicators to be seen while packing or carrying inside the sleeve to express individuality and personality.


The bottom line is that the Altego sleeve is really about style. If you have a cool custom decal (like my awesome Venture Brothers MusicSkin) this will show it off while you travel around with your laptop under your arm. Plus, the sleeve itself has a cool look and it comes in a variety of colors.


April 28,2010 By: Khalid Hosein Here’s another way to protect your laptop, a clear neoprene sleeve with a cushion cell lining for padding. Being clear, you also don’t need to remove your laptop when going through airport security checkpoints. The neoprene is water resistant and the air cushion lining provides shock and impact protection. See full […]