Last week we gave you tips on how to travel safely with your gadgets but how can you take that one step further and prevent yourself from looking like an American tourist? Not only do you have a greater chance of getting sucked into tourist traps, but you’re also an obvious target for getting mugged. Check out these tips to help you blend in.

1. Avoid wearing anything that has to do with America or USA. This would include an American flag or a city’s name. It is also a good idea to avoid brand name clothing like Gap or Nike since these brands are becoming increasingly popular outside of the United States.

2. Don’t wear your camera around your neck. If you can keep it in your purse or pocket and pull it out when needed.


3. Ditch the fanny packs, baseball hats and white athletic shoes. Unless you are hiking or participating in an outdoor activity, dark shoes without an apparent logo on them are the best bet. If you are worried about a sun burnt head then try and find a hat that is native to your vacation spot. You may think fanny packs are easy to use and safe but contrary to many beliefs they are an easy target for theft. Cross-body bags are more safe, functional and stylish.

4. Hide your map. Instead of pulling your map out in a public place, study it before you leave the hotel. If you need it while you are out, step into a less public place.



5. Don’t be showy. You might be excited to show your friends or family your new souvenir but keep it tucked away until you get to your hotel. Also, many Americans are known to be louder than customary in many parts of the world. You’re better off being a little more reserved until you have scoped out the area.


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