Coming out of the holidays you might feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready to get back to work. But eventually that enthusiasm will wear off and you might not be aware of the “obvious signs” that point to a needed get away.


Plus more than half of workers report that they don’t use their vacation or personal time. So, here is a quick list of signs you need a vacation that you can keep on top of mind:

Slowed work flow-Your great ideas have gradually trickled off and you are feeling apathetic towards your work. Not only is it better for you to take a vacation, your company will also benefit from your break once you returned more excited about what you are doing.

Excess vacation time-Many people are nervous to take time off of work because they have fear of losing their job if they don’t seem fully committed or that everything will fall apart if they are not there. Companies give you vacation time for a reason so use it!

Added stress and irritability-The tolls of daily responsibilities can be demanding. But now, the smallest things that use to not bother you become the biggest inconvenience. You will be doing your friends and family a favor by using a vacation as a stress reliever.

Reminiscing-You catch yourself trying to remember that one beach vacation you took 10 years ago. Or you can’t even try to remember the last time you relaxed. You don’t have to go out of town to take a relaxing week off from work.

Living vicariously-So what if you check Facebook every 5 minutes to look at your friend’s vacation pictures or you set your computer background to the beautiful mountains of Colorado? Instead of wishing you were hitting the ski slopes, take the next step and start booking your flight.

Do you know of any other signs that might indicate you need a break from work? Leave your comment below.

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