We can probably say that hotels have done a pretty good job of keeping up with technology. Tablets in rooms and lobbies are becoming more common but a few hotels go above and beyond with high tech devices. Here are 5 hotels that have taken technology to a new level.

Nine Zero Hotel, Boston

nine zero


The Cloud Suite at Nine Zero has a retinal-scan technology that lets you enter the room. If you felt like taking a private jet to start your stay, the hotel offers that too and it will only set you back $20,000 for two nights!


The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo



The Peninsula Hotel actually has an electronics service department if something goes awry. The rooms are equipped with internet radio, wireless phones with Skype and a nail polish drier.


Hotel 1000, Seattle

Hotel 1000

One feature that sets Hotel 1000 apart from normal hotels is the “silent electronic doorbell”. Housekeeping pushes a button at your door which sets off an infrared scanner inside your room. If it detects any movement, an electronic “do not disturb” sign appears and a housekeeper knows to come back later. This hotel is also known for no wireless deadzones. And if you get the Studio 1000 room, you get a Microsoft Surface table.


Yotel, New York

Yotel has differentiated itself by developing a distinct way of storing luggage left luggage. They named it the Yobot. You enter a PIN number and your last name then the Yobot takes and stores your luggage in one of the many bins they have available. Yobot will print a receipt which you will need to get your belongings back.


Hotel Sax, Chicago


Hotel Sax is the perfect place who can’t live without their video games. The 6th floor has a lounge with Rock Band and other Wii games. The Chairman’s Suite includes a 65″ HDTV and each guest gets a laptop and MP3 player to use during their stay.

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