Traveling Lightly

Making the decision to go on vacation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Taking time to enjoy a new destination expands your mind and gives your body time it needs to relax and replenish itself from the daily grind of working.

If you’re next vacation is one where you want to travel light, try getting a backpack and clothes that are easy to fold and roll so you can hop on and off the plane unencumbered by too much luggage. Here are some tips for how to pack and travel light:

1) Be Selective

In order to be able to fit all your items into just 1 backpack for traveling, you must really scrutinize what you plan to bring. The best way is to use the packing list (see below) and lay all the items out on the bed or floor and get that pile down to the smallest possible. Obviously the less you bring, the easier it is to fit in all it one bag. If you are on your trip and you run out of something, you can always buy it there (this applies to a t-shirt or a tube of toothpaste.)

2) Compress Your Clothes

Airless bags and clothes compressors are fantastic at keeping bulky items pressed tightly. Packing cubes keep smaller items together as you layer items into your backpack. You really don’t need as much as you think you do, so, go with the bare essentials and pack them as efficiently as possible by using modern packing conveniences.

3) Bring Items that Fold

There are many convenient items available that fold easily or roll up to collapse and these can be perfect for traveling. Try a folding water bottle that is reusable. It has a clip you can use to attach to the outside of your bag when it is full, roll it back up to tuck inside your backpack.

For ladies, a wrapping beach dress works as a cover up and takes you from day to evening, so, you don’t have to pack a sundress, beach cover up and evening dress. This dress covers all 3 and takes up less space in your backpack.

As you pack for your trip, naturally the bulk of the items will be clothes. Select items in a similar color palette so they match each other easily (like black/navy and tan/khaki) and choose pieces you can wear more than once. If you are buying items specifically for the trip, you will want them to be made of wrinkle free materials. If you have successfully packed light, plan to do a little laundry in your room as well, or find a Laundromat in the area, so your clothes stay fresh.

Click on the link if you don’t already have a packing list. This list is pared down and only includes the essentials for your trip.
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