Here are some easy ways to save a few on gas while traveling.

Since gas prices have risen, the need to save a penny (literally) has almost become an obsession among commuters and travelers.  And it always seems like there is a steep increase during the times we need it most, summer and winter holidays. If you plan on traveling for the holidays, take a look at these 10 money saving tips before you hit the road.



  1. Membership clubs and grocery stores– if you already pay for a membership at Sam’s or Costco then take advantage of the discount. Most grocery stores have also created a discount program when you spend a certain amount of money. For example, you get 1 point for every $10 you spend at Kroger. You can actually save up to $2 per gallon.
  2. Cash back credit cards– a lot of credit card companies have a cash back program for gas and dining. Check with your company to see what the details are.
  3. Track prices through the US– if you are traveling far then checking gas prices through the country will benefit you. is one website that will assist you in carefully planning where you can get the cheapest gas prices in different states.
  4. Travel to different towns– Urban areas tend to hike up their prices and you can generally save about $8 driving out of town. Plus it is convenient since you are already headed out.
  5. Fill up in the morning– gas stations usually change their prices in the late afternoon. Also, the temperature is cool enough in the morning that the gasoline is denser. If you go in the afternoon when it gets warmer, the heat makes the gas expand and you don’t actually get what you are paying for.
  6. Pump at the slow setting– most people are in a hurry when they get gas and don’t notice the settings on the trigger. There are three and the most used is the high setting. It’s very scientific but pump at the slow setting to save money.
  7. Fill up when your half full– the more gas you have in your tank, the less it will evaporate out of your tank.
  8. Stay away from the highway– gas stations off the highway are known to raise prices for commuters, travelers and truckers. Perhaps take the scenic route that way you can save money and have a pretty view along the drive.
  9. Use cruise control-cruise control is beneficial when you have long stretches of flat terrain. It allows you to not waste fuel by speeding up and slowing down.
  10. Check oil/petroleum futures-this is a little more in depth but will help when needing to know what day to fill up. A chart called the RBOB tracks the day-to-day change in the price of gasoline. If you watch it in the morning and there is a jump, gas stations will have not raised their prices yet so you can get gas before the price increases. Just remember the afternoon heat will make gas expand.


Where are you planning on traveling to for the holidays? Do you have any other tips for saving at the tank? Leave your comment below.



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