School is out, summer is here and travel season is beginning. Since the social media world is exploding right now, everyone feels the need to be connected all of the time. This means always carrying your laptop, tablet or smartphone wherever you go. You spend a large amount of time and money on your gadgets so how can you avoid being a target of theft? Here are some tips on how to travel safely with your electronics.


1. Don’t use your gadgets in the wrong area or at the wrong time. Most devices that are stolen only get taken because they were advertised.

2. Use a bag that doesn’t draw much attention to itself.

Traveling by foot…

3. Know where you’re going. Or at least act like it. Wandering around aimlessly puts you and your bag at a  higher risk of theft.

Traveling by plane…

4. Always keep an eye on your laptop while going through security. The best way to avoid having your computer lost in the shuffle is to hold on to your bag until the person in front of you has gone through the screening process.

5. Avoid putting your laptop on the floor. As they say “out of sight, out of mind”. If you must set it down, try putting it between your feet or leaning it against your leg.

6. Carry your bag with you rather than checking it since it is so easy to lose luggage.

Traveling by bus…

7. Stay away from storing your bag in the overhead bag compartment and letting people handle your bags for you.

8. Keeping your backpack at your feet also presents an opportunity for theft, especially if you happen to doze off.

Traveling by subway…

9. Since this mass transportation method gets so crowded not only is it courteous to take your bag off your back, it is safe as well. You can hold it by your feet or set it on the ground next to you if you’re really brave.

10. If you don’t feel safe having your backpack out of sight, you can turn it around and hold it in front of you.

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