Shopping for a skateboarder just got easier. Get everything they need to keep up with their hobby all the way to new gear.


With this gadget, they can practice tricks without moving and figuring out the balance.

Promising Review: “These are fantastic. My son, 6, can almost ollie ALREADY!!! He gets so excited when the board off the ground (or thinks it does).” – Brandy

Price: $17.99


Keep their board in great shape, and always know where it’s at with a display stand.

Promising Review: “Love this for storing his skateboard inside his room! Keeps it off the ground and displays his cool board!” – N8tiveB

Price: $11.95


A cool new bag to take all the gear needed from point A to B.

Promising Review: “Have you ever seen a yellow backpack? Whether you have or haven’t, Altego has made a backpack that definitely stands out.” – GIO

Price: $59.99


A new helmet to match the new bag!

Promising Review: “ am so happy to come across this line of helmets. My son’s previous helmet was a Nutcase, and while I loved that helmet, I was dreading the price tag of replacing it when he outgrew it. This helmet looked like a pretty solid alternative to the Nutcase (certainly a much better option than what we saw at Target or Walmart), and at half the price we decided to give it a try. It turned out to be as good as (maybe even better than) our last helmet. The venting is great, and the turn dial for sizing the inside is awesome. It’s a great fit, super sturdy, and the design options all look great. We’ll definitely stick with Flybar in the future.” – Tina

Price: $29.99-$57.89


Add a GoPro helmet mount so they can re-watch all their cool tricks and make cool videos.

Promising Review: “Great mount. Have only used the side mount… but has held on even when getting smacked by tree branches.” – Shane

Price: $29.99


Or up the video game and get all the GoPro accessories they would need to make videos.

Promising Review: “Everything you need for the SJCAM and more!!! We were on a zip line tour and one of the other folks had the new GoPro4 and needed some attachments so they used some of the parts from this and it worked like a charm. So DO NOT buy that expensive GoPro stuff! This is very sturdy and works with SJCAM and GoPro” – Doghouse7

Price: $15.99


One tool that they can take anywhere.

Promising Review: “Great hand tool for all adjustments for board, trucks, wheels. Durable and well made. Feels good in the hand. Metal has not rounded out and fits well various nut sizes without slippage. Can get good torque as needed. Would buy again. Recommend.” – InsertCoffee

Price: $10.95


You can’t go wrong with new protective gear.

Promising Review: “The JBM pads arrived quickly. They are perfect for my purposes. The fit is going to vary depending on the individual’s dimensions. For example the knee pads are tight around the leg, elbow pads are perfect and the wrist guards a bit loose – to be expected. However I’m very satisfied overall, the price for the product was very economical.” – Jimbo

Price: $22.98- $23.98


Keep their board fresh and clean with grip gum.

Promising Review: “It’s a great product and cleans your board well but after a while they side you put on your board doesn’t clean the board so well.” – Heatherhhhh

Price: $7.99


While keeping the board clean, grab some lubricant to keep the wheels working to their fullest potential.

Promising Review: “This works so well. After putting this on my bearings they turned super smoothly, and made no noise at all. I really notice the difference when cruising around.” – Nick R

Price: $7.50


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