17″ Polygon Sunfire Backpack



It’s the little perks that make life a little brighter. The Polygon Sunfire Series was ignited to fulfill that burning desire to seize the day. Clean angular lines give an aggressive look to this series; that should trigger some endorphins, right!?!

Fidlock  Plus we figured killer technology doesn’t have to be reserved for digital gadgets; so, we added new Fidlock style buckles that slide open and snap closed with powerful magnetic strength.

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  • Soft quilted lining offers ultimate protection and flexibility for Macbooks up to 17″
  • Interior iPad pocket lined with soft padded fabric
  • Fidlock magnetic snap buckles close automatically and can be opened with ease by sliding laterally
  • Soft padded fabric lines interior iPad pocket
  • Custom molded polygon design back padding for sleek look, extra durability and ultimate comfort
  • Water resistant ripstop material for added durability

Device Compatibility:

Part # – 36302 – 15” x 11” x 1.75”



 5 Star Review on Amazon:  
“This pack exceeds all of our expectations. The design is intelligent AND clever. I was deeply impressed by the safety built in to this pack. There is a lot of reflectivity for anyone walking in dark or low light conditions.   I think it is ideal for anyone who carries a tablet or laptop every day or who needs to walk in the dark. I loved the fact that this pack was comfortable for both me (slight frame, narrow shoulders) and my husband (broad, tall, large). 

 5 Star Review on Amazon:
“There are many things I like about this bag, magnetic clips, and abundance of pockets and strong security, but I think what I like best is that it keeps your laptop right up against your back. The benefit of this is twofold as adds another layer of security for your machine, but it also makes ergonomic sense as it doesn’t pull the bag away from your body as much as some other packs do.

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