Some interesting theories on the keys and belt loops phenomenon. Fashion trends are certainly a phenomenon that only few understand. Since introducing the Altego Fidlock Keychain, we’ve started to wonder…where and when did wearing key chains on belt loops become popular? So we dug around and found some interesting theories on the keys on belt […]

One of the many advantages of the Fidlock Buckle is the time it saves you from securing your bag. We wanted to show  you just how fast it is compared to a regular side-squeeze buckle. Check out the video and then enter to win a Fidlock Carabiner Keychain here.

All modern airports are essentially the same: grey brutalist structures dedicated to shifting people along corridors as quickly as possible. It may not surprise you to learn that these faceless people pushers do not hold too much concern over the safety of your personal computing devices. With the busiest airports catering for millions of customers, […]


If you grew up in the 90′s, you will probably remember that you did NOT have enough keychains on your school backpack. The more keychains you had, the cooler you were. While that was a fun time, keychain style has evolved from recreational to practical. Here are ten keychains we found that are pretty unique […]

Altego advertises the Polygon Sunfire’s “clean angular lines” and endorphine-inducing “aggressive looks,” but the real genius of this bag are the myriad thoughtful details that make it a great hauler for your MacBook, iPad, and other gear. I used the Polygon for over a month as my primary commuter bag, and I found each of […]

Knowing the basics of Checkpoint Friendly If you recently started traveling frequently for work, you may not understand the importance of checkpoint friendly bags. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released some guidelines a few years ago covering the rules of checkpoint friendly. Here is the criteria, according to the TSA, that a bag must […]