09 Apr 2014

Best Free Travel Apps

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Here is a quick pick of 5 free apps for travel that we thought we would be useful. We know there’s a lot more out there so if you found one that you can’t live without please share!

Pack the Bag

Pack the Bag

No matter what, something always is forgotten. With this simple Pack the Bag app you can make a number of different lists depending on what type of trip you are taking and just check it off once it’s packed and ready to go.




This app is a roadtripper’s dream. It’s easy to use and let’s you select a number of different things based on your preferences. Accomodation, attractions, entertainment, food & drink, history, nature, shopping and sports are all major categories that you can select. Within those categories, it narrows it down even further. Pretty cool for a free app.




Gas Buddy

One more app that is great for road trips is GasBuddy. You can search by city, zip code or exact location to find the cheapest gas prices in the U.S. and Canada. It seems to be updated fairly frequently.

Wi-fi Finder


Wi-Fi Finder


This JiWire app is key for finding a Wi-Fi connection when you’re out of town. All you have to do is plug in the area you’re in or let it find spots near you. It not only tells you paid Wi-Fi spots but the free ones as well.

XE Currency

XE Currency















This app is great if you are traveling internationally and need a quick currency converter. You can select and look at 10 different currency rates at a time.












02 Apr 2014

Evolution of Keys and Belt Loops

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Some interesting theories on the keys and belt loops phenomenon.

Fashion trends are certainly a phenomenon that only few understand. Since introducing the Altego Fidlock Keychain, we’ve started to wonder…where and when did wearing key chains on belt loops become popular? So we dug around and found some interesting theories on the keys on belt loops phenomenon.

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26 Mar 2014

Fidlock Buckle Speed Test

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One of the many advantages of the Fidlock Buckle is the time it saves you from securing your bag. We wanted to show  you just how fast it is compared to a regular side-squeeze buckle. Check out the video and then enter to win a Fidlock Carabiner Keychain here.

05 Mar 2014

3 Precautionary Tips For Any Trip

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All modern airports are essentially the same: grey brutalist structures dedicated to shifting people along corridors as quickly as possible. It may not surprise you to learn that these faceless people pushers do not hold too much concern over the safety of your personal computing devices. With the busiest airports catering for millions of customers, it is essentially down to you to ensure the safety of your own data and devices. When traveling, you take yourself and your possessions out of their relative comfort zone, exposing them to the random dangers and threats of the outside world. With the outside world being so difficult to regulate and accommodate for, finding the best way in which to transport iPhones, iPads and MacBooks can be quite difficult. There are, however, several steps you can take to ensure the safety and security of your items, and steps to lessen the impact should something terrible occur. When it comes to transporting your delicate devices across long distances, take the time to make sure that your items are as safe as possible, rather than relying on the outside world.

Airport Walkway













Protecting Against Data Loss

One of the worst dangers inherent in the death of a device is the loss of data. We have all been there; a phone drops, smashes and you can never find a way to get it to switch back on. Your messages, your photos and even your alarm clocks have vanished. The loss of these pieces of data can be far worse than any financial cost that comes with an accident. Before embarking on any trip, be sure to make a full back up of your device. iTunes can manage a full back up of your iPad or iPhone, while a MacBook’s Time Machine function can be incredibly useful for backing up any important pieces of information to an external source. Even when in transit, on the way to the airport, iOs’s iCloud function can use cloud computing to make an online backup of your data. When it comes to a broken device, having a full back up means that this is far more likely to be a minor inconvenience rather than a traumatic loss of all of your data. With so much that can affect and disturb your data, taking the time before a trip to ensure that you will not lose everything is of tremendous benefit.

Proactive Device Protection

With the rise in the ability to use gadgets during flight, most people consider the major threat to their devices to be hardware related. Whether it is a case of the device being stolen or (more likely) damaged in transit, there is little that can be done to account in advance for accidents occurring. However, even if you are unable to know when an accident might happen, you can prepare yourself and your devices for the possibility of it happening. While traveling, getting items repaired can be expensive. The cost of getting work done overseas, in Manchester for example, could be more expensive than doing it at home. As the growth of Apple devices does not look like slowing down, the growth of the case market continues to rise, like a Remora attaching itself to the underside of a shark. The wealth of options when it comes to choosing a case means that you are able to provide the right protection for your devices. With options ranging from simple bumpers for iPhones, right up to military grade laptop cases, there exists a thriving market which allows you to adequately prepare your devices for the hassle and difficulties of travel. Combining a protective case with insurance and a complete back up means that there is little danger of losing anything important, and quickly being able to replace anything you do lose. Proper planning and protection goes a long way to ensuring peace of mind while traveling.

Proper Storage Solutions













During a long journey, once you have taken the time to ensure the safety and protection of your devices and data, be sure to consider the proximity of the device. Especially true of air travel, the choice to either carry your devices with you rather than to place them in regular storage can have a big impact on the ease of your trip. While carrying the device has no actual bearing on the likelihood of an accident, it does grant a greater sense of calm. Who better to trust with your devices than yourself? Added to this, considering where to store your device when traveling also means taking account of what is stored on which device and whether you may need access to this information during a trip. Needing a work document urgently or even a spot of entertainment during a boring journey becomes increasingly difficult when you have chosen to store your laptop in your main bag, surrounded by a protective layer of socks and sweaters. Finding the right balance between data backups, proactive protection and how to travel with your device is the best way to ensure you survive the perils of modern air travel.

07 Jan 2014

10 Unique Keychains

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If you grew up in the 90′s, you will probably remember that you did NOT have enough keychains on your school backpack. The more keychains you had, the cooler you were. While that was a fun time, keychain style has evolved from recreational to practical. Here are ten keychains we found that are pretty unique and cool.











Lecci Earbud Style Speakers

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13 Nov 2013

The Basics of Checkpoint Friendly

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Knowing the basics of Checkpoint Friendly

If you recently started traveling frequently for work, you may not understand the importance of checkpoint friendly bags. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released some guidelines a few years ago covering the rules of checkpoint friendly. Here is the criteria, according to the TSA, that a bag must meet to be considered checkpoint friendly:

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28 Oct 2013

Best Geeky and Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Here at Altego, we like to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Halloween is right around the corner and we have found some great geeky and tech-inspired costumes for your next party. Some of these are very simple and some are complex but either way you are pretty much guaranteed to stand out!


1. Pinterest Board-SheKnows.com gives an easy, great tutorial on how to create a Pinterest Board costume. If Pinterest isn’t your thing then you can always do another social media website like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Pinterest costume: Supplies












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24 Oct 2013

Happiest Airlines for Your Holiday Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Holiday travel is exhausting and stressful enough without the help of rude travel employees. PayScale.com put together this infographic on the friendliest airlines to travel with during the  holiday season. Before booking your ticket, check it out.

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21 Oct 2013

How to Survive A Long Haul Flight + Other Travel Tips

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We all know that unless you are on the top floor of a 747 or A380, there’s not much you can do about being super comfortable during a 12+ hour flight.

We have a few hundred thousand miles of traveling under our belts, so through the years, we have picked up a few tips and tricks to help you survive that long flight – and to help you not feel like a cast member of The Walking Dead when you land.

You’re welcome.

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14 Oct 2013

America’s Best And Worst Airports

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When you travel frequently, the quality of your airport experience really makes a difference. The ease of check in and security, the variety of quality food options and of course, added bonuses like iPads in the boarding area and power outlets to charge devices before you fly, all add up to make or break your airport experience.
Add in the up and coming competition of spas, sleeping pods and even yoga rooms and you can see the market for being the best of the best is strong. Then there’s those who fail – and fail miserably.

Here are some of the best and worst airports in the US.

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10 Oct 2013

How to Beat Jet Lag [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you have ever traveled overseas then you have probably been a victim of jet lag. Healthexpress.com gives you some tips in this infographic on how to combat jet lag.

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07 Oct 2013

7 Ways You’re Killing Your Tech

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The first few days with a new piece of tech are filled with wonder and trepidation. You cradle your new phone like it’s a newborn, you frantically clean your laptop of fresh fingerprint smudges, you put your e-reader to bed in a fort of pillows and bubble wrap.

Nothing bad will ever happen to this gadget, you promise yourself, kissing your iPad goodnight.

And then one day, without warning, the honeymoon is over. You start carelessly tossing your laptop into your backpack, you whirl your headphones around like a lasso, you leave your phone on for four months at a time. At one point or another, we’re all guilty of a few tech care crimes.

For those looking to change, we’ve compiled this list of the most common poor choices everyone makes with their electronics. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.


1. Resting Laptops on Beds, Carpets or Bare Skin

View image on Twitter

Without a cooling pad or a proper ventilation area, your laptop will overheat when used for too long. So when you wrap it up in your blankets and watch Netflix for an entire weekend? That’s not good. Overheating can decrease your battery life and, in some cases, cause serious damage to your computer and potentially catch fire.

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01 Oct 2013

Polygon Sunfire Laptop Messenger [INFOGRAPHIC]

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26 Sep 2013

Hotel Wi-Fi Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you sometimes forget about Wi-Fi when booking a hotel? Here is a chart from HotelChatter on which hotels have free Wi-Fi and which ones charge.

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23 Sep 2013

Polygon Sunfire Laptop Backpack [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since we have officially released the Sunfire Backpack, we have created a quick infographic on the bag and all of its features.


16 Sep 2013

10 Classic Gadgets Upcycled Into Fashion Accessories

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Is that stack of floppy disks behind your computer collecting dust? Take a tip from these artists and turn old tech into new-school.

We’ve collected 10 fashion accessories upcycled from the gadgets of your youth. Even if you’re not exactly in the market for a computer mouse belt buckle or a LEGO bowtie, you’ll get a kick out of these repurposed creations.


Floppy Disk Bag


Whether you use it as a lunch box, a purse or a knapsack, this floppy disk carry-all is sure to turn heads.

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12 Sep 2013

Your Guide to Sleeping in an Airport [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you’re constantly traveling you have probably found yourself asleep at the airport. And probably more than once. TravelSupermarket.com gives you a guide on how to sleep in an airport.

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09 Sep 2013

6 Tech Relics Still Sold in Stores

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Since Instagram’s Throwback Thursday has become increasingly popular, old images of things we used to do or use have popped up all over the internet. Yet some places haven’t taken the hint that nobody uses this stuff anymore. Take a look at Mashable’s 6 tech relics that are still sold in stores.

In the switch to wireless, a massive amount of tech, gadgets and electronic gear became all but useless to consumers. What once required four or five separate devices — all needing AA batteries — can now be done on your smartphone alone.

Oddly enough, some major retailers throughout the world still haven’t gotten the memo.

We’ve grabbed a few examples of bizarrely outdated tech that you can still purchase through large, reputable stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and Office Depot — and they will blow you away.

1. 500 Minutes of America Online

03 Sep 2013

How to Safely Get Rid of an Old Computer

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Have an old computer lying around the house? Don’t just throw it away. Computers house all sorts of toxins that are bad for the environment and all of us who live in it. Not to mention the personal information—passwords, account numbers, license keys or registration numbers for software programs, addresses and phone numbers, medical and prescription information, tax returns and other personal documents—that you would rather not fall into the wrong hands.

So what to do?

How to delete your personal information

However you choose to dispose of your computer, you need to do several things if you don’t want a stranger to access your data.

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29 Aug 2013

Happiness & Wanderlust [INFOGRAPHIC]

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happiness and wanderlust

26 Aug 2013

Where to Find Free Wi-Fi at U.S. and International Airports

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For frequent fliers, nothing is more blissful than an airport with free Wi-Fi. But not every stopover location is so generous.

Airfarewatchdog assembled two handy charts that detail everything you need to know about wireless connections at major airports in the United States and worldwide, from airports with free Wi-Fi to those with the most expensive Wi-Fi and usage limitations.

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22 Aug 2013

How Technology in Schools Has Changed Over Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It’s amazing how quickly technology changes, even in the course of six months. But can you imagine how much it’s changed over decades? This infographic from Masterofartsinteaching.net shows how technology has changed in schools over the past 113 years.

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20 Aug 2013

Polygon Sunfire Virtual Launch

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Join us on Facebook for this event.


Virtual Launch 2



We are excited to announce the official launch of our Polygon Sunfire Series! The two new bags were designed for the avid MacBook and iPad users looking for the latest in style, protection, and performance. Please join us for an all-day virtual event where we will be giving away Altego gear and publishing special offers every hour.
Prizes you can win:
• Backpacks
• Messenger Bags
• Laptop Slipcases
• Sleeves
• One of a kind prototypes
• T-shirts
• Keychains
• And more!

You can follow this link to order your new Backpack or Messenger bag online:http://altegobrand.com/polygon-sunfire-series

Join our mailing list for more chances to win prizes. http://altegobrand.com/about-us/join-the-expression

Have a question about the series? Post it on the event wall, or ask @Altegobrand on Twitter.


19 Aug 2013

25 Apps You’ll Need to Survive College

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College isn’t all fun and games (unless you want it to be.) Don’t sweat it, though. Take a look at these 25 apps — they’ll give you a smoother college experience by helping you study smarter, connect with new people and wake up in time for your early lectures.

Your university probably has its own app, too — download it. It will provide you with a more tailored breakdown than a national application.

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12 Aug 2013

Off to College Checklist

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With all of the excitement around going off to college, packing and preparing for the year might be the last thing on your mind. Luckily, we have created a checklist to make your transition from home to college an easy, stress-free experience.

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08 Aug 2013

Generation of Internet Addicts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you addicted to the internet? Here are a few facts and figures on today’s generation of internet addicts.

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05 Aug 2013

Bicycle Superhighways

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This article from Mashable lays out three European cities that have established a bicycle superhighway for commuters. Maybe they are onto something? 

As people become more concerned with conserving the environment and improving our health, bicycle superhighways seem to be the ideal panacea. Encouraging commuters to bike to work instead of drive in a car promotes personal well-being, a greener world and it can even encourage fresh thinking in the workplace.

Below, we outline three cities whose transit innovations are headed in the right direction, promoting healthier transportation options for both the planet and ourselves. Would you commute on a bicycle superhighway if you had one in your city?


1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Image: MyLoupe/Universal Images Group via Gettty Images

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29 Jul 2013

Free Fidlock Keychain with Sunfire Pre-order

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Pre-order your bag before August 5th and get this Fidlock keychain for free! Order here: http://bit.ly/1ayAiKJ






29 Jul 2013

6 Best In-Flight Meals

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There’s nothing worse than a horrible meal on a flight. You’re stuck on this flight, starving and wishing you would have eaten before you boarded. Now you will have to spend the next 8 hours listening to your stomach rumble. Not cool. But, if you’re flying on one of these 8 airlines, your stomach might not be so mad at you. You’ll have choices too, don’t think it will just be between chicken or beef.

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25 Jul 2013

Healthy Plane Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With the summer being prime travel season, it is important to take proper caution when it comes to safe and healthy plane travel. This infographic provides some great tips on what to do to stay healthy during plane travel.

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19 Jul 2013

Altego Sunfire Laptop Bags Launched into Space

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To celebrate the release of the new Polygon Sunfire laptop bags the gang at Altego, with the help from a few gracious aerospace engineering students at Texas A&M, launched them into near space.


Behind the Scenes

If you aren’t familiar with Felix Baumgartner and his jump from the edge of space, Red Bull sent a large balloon with a capsule attached which held Bumgartner into near space. He jumped from the capsule and became the first person to break the sound barrier without help from a vehicle. The video of the experience was incredible, so we thought…we should do this with our products!

After days of research, we found that this was a bigger deal than we thought and would need some help from professionals. Texas A&M Aerospace program has a club appropriately named the High Altitude Balloon Club so we reached out to them in hopes to gain their expertise on the subject matter. The discussion started in November 2012 and we were able to launch in May of 2013…no joke this takes a long time to prepare.

Our marketing team made the journey from Fort Worth, Texas to College Station, Texas where the backpack and messenger were launched. While our amazing graphic designer made an awesome video that captured the bags in all of their glory, here are a few behind the scenes photos from the balloon launch experience.


You can find the full Press Release on the event here.

15 Jul 2013

How to Survive a Job That Makes You Use Outdated Technology

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outdated technology

Make Friends with Your IT Department

Even if it feels like your company’s IT department are the ones forcing old tech down your throat, your best bet is to make friends with them. Odds are, they’re in the same boat as you are, stuck managing old software, aging gear, and trying to squeeze all the life from it that they can. Put yourself in their shoes: You probably love technology and enjoy working with it on a day-to-day basis, but you’re stuck working with obsolete tools when you know there’s better, faster, and more functional equipment out there. You’d be first in line begging for an upgrade too.

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12 Jul 2013

New Polygon Sunfire Bags Available for Preorder

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It’s the little perks that make life a little brighter. The Polygon Sunfire Series was ignited to fulfill that burning desire to seize the day. Clean angular lines give an aggressive look to this series; that should trigger some endorphins, right!?!

Plus we figured killer technology doesn’t have to be reserved for digital gadgets; so, we added new Fidlock style buckles that slide open and snap closed with powerful magnetic strength.

Click here to pre-order your bag today!


11 Jul 2013

Luggage Lost & Found [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Checking your luggage can be extremely stressful. Will it arrive to my destination? Will anything be damaged? This infographic shows some famous lost luggage and what to do if yours gets away.

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08 Jul 2013

Crazy Things Found in Airport Terminals

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Airports across the globe are following in M.O.P’s words and anteing-up. The days of terminals filled with fast food and too few power outlets are over. To keep passengers happy and traveling, the world’s most frequented hubs have changed the game by adding luxurious avenues of oddball entertainment and health facilities, to help you relax while en route. Stuck at the gate? Good (if it’s at one of the places we list) because the attractions we’ve uncovered will make you want to miss your flight.


Fitness Center and Gym













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01 Jul 2013

Awesome Apple Cakes

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Baking shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss have really made an impact on the world of designer cakes over the last few years. Those specially trained chefs can take any picture and turn it into an art piece in the form of cake. So why not try and make some Apple replicas? Forget the store bought icing, these cakes take decorating to a whole new level. 



 Apple Icon Cake

apple mac cake

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24 Jun 2013

20 Towns Named for Other Towns but Pronounced Differently

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Here’s an article from Mental Floss cities around the United States that have the same names as other popular cities. 

The United States of America, the great melting pot. We take music, foods, words and traditions from all over the world, shake them up and blend them into something distinctly American. We took “O Sole Mio” and made “It’s Now or Never.” We took pizza and put cheese inside the crust. We take names from places all over the world to give to our towns and cities, and once they’re ours, we’ll pronounce them how we want to, thank you very much. Usually we simply use the English version of the word for a place: we don’t say Par-EE, Texas, the French way, but PARE-iss, because that’s how we say Paris in English. However, some towns that have borrowed city names from elsewhere don’t even get the normal English pronunciation. Here are 20 American towns that have really cut the cord from the sources of their names.

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20 Jun 2013

Plan & Pay for Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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17 Jun 2013

Strange Things Found in Unclaimed Luggage

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We told you a few posts ago where your lost luggage goes and what happens if the owner cannot be found or never claims it. Here are 10 of the strangest things found in unclaimed luggage from mentalfloss.com 

We’ve all seen it: that one lonely suitcase on the baggage claim track at the airport that goes around and around with no owner in sight. What happens to it if no one shows up? Well, it might end up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama. That’s where you can visit a store that takes up an entire city block and find everything from the expected (clothing, toiletries, books) to, well, the unexpected. Here are 10 of the strangest items that have gone unclaimed.

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10 Jun 2013

5 Tips on How to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

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Last week we gave you tips on how to travel safely with your gadgets but how can you take that one step further and prevent yourself from looking like an American tourist? Not only do you have a greater chance of getting sucked into tourist traps, but you’re also an obvious target for getting mugged. Check out these tips to help you blend in.

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06 Jun 2013


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Are you dreaming of a summer getaway? Perhaps a staycation is in order this year. Here are some facts about planning a staycation.

03 Jun 2013

10 Travel Safety Tips

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School is out, summer is here and travel season is beginning. Since the social media world is exploding right now, everyone feels the need to be connected all of the time. This means always carrying your laptop, tablet or smartphone wherever you go. You spend a large amount of time and money on your gadgets so how can you avoid being a target of theft? Here are some tips on how to travel safely with your electronics.


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28 May 2013

The 10 Best Biking Cities In America

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Since May is Bike Month, here’s a great article from Co.EXIST on the best biking cities in America. 

Biking map site BikeScore has released a new ranking of the country’s best cities for biking, accounting for factors like bike lanes, hilliness, route options, and number of commuters. How does your city rank?

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23 May 2013

Cycling Saves [INFOGRAPHIC]

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May is National Bike Month! Here is a quick infographic on the benefits of cycling. Don’t forget to check out your local events to help celebrate Bike Month.



20 May 2013

Fresh Apples: Predictions For The New MacBook Pro and Retina iPad Mini

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Apple continues to develop, produce and release more advanced products, and with the predicted release of the new MacBook Pro in June this year and the new iPad Mini to be launched at some point in the second half of the year, they show no signs of stopping. Following the fuss that surrounded the release of the iPhone 5 (including technical errors with iPhone Maps, that have now been fixed), the release of these two new products is likely to be released with almost as much anticipation and pressure. So what will the new MacBook Pro and iPad Mini offer consumers that previous iterations do not?


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13 May 2013

Most Outrageous Neck Pillows for the Plane

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Check out this great round up of crazy neck pillows for flying from infinitelegroom.com



There are few things less comfortable than sleeping in coach class on the airplane, but that is why the neck pillow was invented. They may seem dorky at first, but with so many varieties in color, pattern and features (we’re talking aromatherapy, people), you can finally get away with carrying one.

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09 May 2013

Curious Planet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Check out these interesting facts on where and how we travel.

08 May 2013

Win this Laptop Messenger Bag!

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UPDATE: Laptop Messenger Bag Giveaway Winner!


Send your address to marketing@altegobrand.com by 6/14 to receive your prize


This week’s giveaway is a unique laptop messenger bag. Here’s how to win:

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06 May 2013

Top 10 Best Laptops for 2013

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If you’re in the market for a new laptop but are having trouble deciding which one would best suit your needs, PCMag.com gives you a break down of the top laptops on the market. You can also read the full reviews here.


Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Retina Display)

macbook pro

The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Retina Display) is the best way to carry the pixels of a large-screen monitor with you on the road. It’s ideal for people who make their living with visuals. $1,999 list

29 Apr 2013

5 Ways to Sleep on a Plane

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Pacsafe.com gives 5 simple ways to make your plane ride a little more comfortable. 












Travelers aspire to be able to sleep anywhere, at any time, in any conditions. Yet, for many, sleeping on airplanes remains the most difficult environment to master: the screaming babies, the dry, sterile air, the flatulent seatmates, the cramped quarters, and the turbulence, always the turbulence. Whatever your nightmare scenario for sleeping is, an airplane’s got it. If you’ve been trying the same old sleeping positions, it’s time to branch out and get some z’s.

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25 Apr 2013

Altego Weekly Giveaway

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Head over to our Facebook page for details on how to enter this week’s giveaway


altego giveaway laptop slipcase

25 Apr 2013

Turn E-Waste Into Something Great [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This infographic from FundingFactory puts into perspective how much e-waste is generated and where it goes.



22 Apr 2013

How to Recycle E-Waste

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It seems like another new phone is introduced everyday which means about 155 million cell phones are thrown in the trash each year. Since we live in such a technology driven world, e-waste or electronic waste has increased dramatically over the past decade. Most electronics like TVs, phones and computers contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other potentially harmful chemicals that contaminate the environment. So how can you help?


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15 Apr 2013

5 High Tech Hotels

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We can probably say that hotels have done a pretty good job of keeping up with technology. Tablets in rooms and lobbies are becoming more common but a few hotels go above and beyond with high tech devices. Here are 5 hotels that have taken technology to a new level.

Nine Zero Hotel, Boston

nine zero









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11 Apr 2013

Travel Stress Free [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Preparing and traveling for a vacation can actually be very stressful. Who wants to be stressed out on their relaxing vacation? Check out this quick tip infographic on how to travel stress free from StylePassport.

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08 Apr 2013

Best Airport Restaurants

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According to the US Travel Association, 2 billion people traveled in 2012. That’s a lot of people going to and from airports. Justifiably so, airports have become pretty luxurious to accommodate millions of passengers. In the article below, Huffington Post gives you some of the best airport restaurants in the United States. 

Whether it’s due to a delayed flight, a speedier-than-expected security line or a long layover, we all have to brave the airport eatery gauntlet at some point in our traveling lives. This frequently means stomaching wilted paninis or salads imprisoned in plastic and sometimes, if we’re honest, means eating Starburst in bulk.

Instead of settling for the mediocre fare offered everywhere, try one of these 10 restaurants the next time you’re stuck. Some of these restaurants are so good you might head to the airport just to graze. Others are behind the security checkpoint.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

salt lick












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01 Apr 2013

Benefits of Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in the last few years. It has allowed us to access not only our files and documents but music, photos, and contacts from different devices as well. This article from Onlinestorage.com does a great job of explaining a few advantages of using cloud storage. 

When it comes to storing data, cloud storage is quickly becoming the method of choice. Storing files remotely rather than locally boasts an array of advantages for both home and professional users. Not sure what cloud storage can do for you? Here are the top 10 reasons to give your external hard drive the boot in favor of online storage services.






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29 Mar 2013

Name That Bag Contest

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Help us name our new series!

With our new line of bags launching within the next few months, we wanted to give our fans a chance to participate in naming our new bags. We have the Ruby (red) Series and Cyan (blue) Series so without using the word orange tell us which name you think would be awesome!  If we use your idea, you win a new bag!


How to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post
  • Leave a comment on Facebook
  • Send us a tweet using hashtag #namethatbag
  • Submit your ideas before April 19th to be considered

28 Mar 2013

How Does Baggage Handling Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your bag after you check it in? This infographic takes you through the process of baggage handling.

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26 Mar 2013

Best Budget Destinations for 2013

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Budget Travel compiles a list of the coolest, most affordable places to go for the year. The team combs through piles of data regarding new flight destinations, airline prices, places aggressively building new hotels, cities experiencing cultural booms, currency charts, and other statistics to compile a list of the 10 best Budget Destination.

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand









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19 Mar 2013

History of Bike Messengers

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Did you know that bike couriers  have actually been around since the 1890′s? Check out this history lesson from Big Shot Bikes.

To many, being a bike messenger means rejecting certain values while living and working among them. Messengers don’t drive cars, but they are a valuable commodity because they can operate in traffic, and get their parcels from A to B faster than a car in city centers that are clogged with congestion. While they reject motorized vehicles, they rely on them for their living, as the traffic that slows everyone else down, makes the bike messenger the delivery method of choice for so many companies.

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14 Mar 2013

Tablet Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Thinking about purchasing a tablet but can’t decide which one to go for? Maybe we can help with this infographic on the features of 3 top tablets on the market.

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12 Mar 2013

What’s in Your Bag Video

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Altego is on Vine! We posted our first video: What’s in Your Bag. Click the link to check it out and don’t forget to follow  us.

12 Mar 2013

40% Off Cyan Series

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Use coupon code CYAN40 at checkout to receive 40% off Coated Canvas laptop cases!

12 Mar 2013

How to Properly Wear a Backpack

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Remember the days when wearing your backpack with only one strap on your shoulder was cool? Not anymore. A heavy backpack can injure the back, neck, and shoulders. It can also create poor posture by causing you to lean forward and round your shoulders. To prevent back and neck pain, take a look at these five tips on how to properly wear a backpack and warning signs of improper backpack use.









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05 Mar 2013

How to Create a Packing List

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Besides planning and booking your vacations, one of the most stressful things you do to prepare for your getaway is pack. Here is an article from USA Today on how to create a packing list.














While everyone looks forward to going on vacation, the one thing that most people do not look forward to is the hassle and stress of packing before the trip. No matter how carefully you pack, it seems like something is always forgotten. The next time you are planning to travel, reduce your stress by making a packing list ahead of time. Using a list is easy, and it ensures that you won’t forget to pack anything, which will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

21 Feb 2013

How To Manage Your Time As A Busy Traveler

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Looking for time management tips as a busy traveler? You might feel the crunch of having to jam pack your schedule with trips to far off locales, business appointments, or time spent online keeping in touch with your friends and family but if you can adopt a calm, confident frame of mind the self-imposed pressure dissolves instantly. You are under zero pressure until you fight any hurried, desperate feelings, building up resistance within your being until you feel pressed for time. You choose how you spend your time. Believe this statement and you instantly feel a sense of relief surrounding your travels and time management strategy.

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20 Feb 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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Check out our Facebook page for details on this week’s giveaway. https://www.facebook.com/#!/altegobrand

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19 Feb 2013

10 Places to Find Free WiFi

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Whether you’re tired of stealing your neighbor’s internet or trying to cut costs by cancelling your on-the-go connection there are many places that offer free WiFi.  Airports and coffee shops are the obvious for getting an internet signal but what about the places you haven’t thought about?








For most people, doing laundry is an excruciating task by itself. Some laundromats let you hop on the internet while you wait for your whites to dry.

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18 Feb 2013

Presidents Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Can you believe Presidents Day got its name from a newspaper interview with a cat? Check out the infographic below from Veterans United and learn some more facts about the holiday.

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14 Feb 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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Happy Valentine’s Day Altego fans! Since we love our fans so much, we are giving away a Laptop Clear Sleeve this week. Check out our Facebook page for more details on how to enter!


12 Feb 2013

Where Does Your Lost Luggage Go?

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Out of almost 3 billion airline passengers globally only 645,000 have their bags stolen or misplaced. That may seem like a lot if you were one of the unfortunate people that misplaced their bag. But in reality, 99.9% of flyers have their bags returned eventually although it make take up to three months. So what happens to the rest of the luggage that doesn’t find it’s way home?

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05 Feb 2013

Must-Have iPad Apps

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Besides all of the obvious apps you would automatically know to download once you open your new tablet, there are a few you might not have heard of or might not think about. Plus, with rumors of a new iPad mini circulating, it might be time to start thinking of purchasing a new iPad.  













Paper was voted Apple’s iPad App of the Year. This app allows you to draw, take notes, sketch, and color.

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31 Jan 2013

The Danger of Heavy Backpacks [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Have you ever thought of the pain you are experiencing in your back to be the cause of heavy backpacks? Most students or commuters cram everything they can or will need for the day without a single thought of the consequences it might have on their health. Continue reading to find out more about statistics, how to avoid back pain and remedies, and the benefits of wearing a backpack correctly from Carrington College.

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29 Jan 2013

The Most Expensive Laptops in the World

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To most of us buying an expensive laptop is paying $1,999 for the Macbook Pro Retina. For others, it may be dishing out over $20,000 for their computer. These are a few of the most expensive laptops on the market.














This 17 inch widescreen laptop tops the list of most expensive laptops at a price tag of $1 million. The diamond power button not only serves as the way to turn it on but as a security identification measure as well. Although the company is pretty secretive about their product (you have to have a password to view basically anything on their website), it is known that the screen is LED and has a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating. It also features 128GB of Solid State Disk space and Blue Ray drive. They are made to order and you have to make an appointment to design the computer.


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28 Jan 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway is a one-of-a-kind Altego Laptop Slipcase. Visit our Facebook page for details. A winner will be announced 2/8.

23 Jan 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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We’re giving away a Clear Sleeve this week! We will announce a winner on 1/25.

How to enter:
1) Follow us on Twitter @altegobrand
2) Tweet about your favorite Altego product using hashtag #altegobag

22 Jan 2013

Must-See Gadgets from CES

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Some of you may know that the annual Consumer Electronic Show was a few weeks ago. Out of thousands of  products a few get recognition. Although we did not attend, we read a lot of coverage on the event and have brought you the must-see gadgets from the 2013 CES show.











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16 Jan 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway is a one-of-a-kind Altego Messenger Laptop bag. Visit our Facebook page for details. A winner will be announced 1/21.


15 Jan 2013

6 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

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Between flights, cab rides and meetings who has time to think about being healthy? Plus with the temptation of the wonderful food at business lunches and dinners, it is easy to overlook the harm that goes with those indulgences. Hopefully, these tips will provide you with some guidance for staying healthy on the road.

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14 Jan 2013

Destinations Through the Decades [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The way Americans vacation has vastly changed throughout the past few decades. From technology to destination choices, homeaway.com created an infographic on how American vacations have changed over fifty years.

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08 Jan 2013

Weekly Giveaway

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Head over to Altego’s Facebook page for this week’s giveaway!

08 Jan 2013

5 Signs You Need a Vacation

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Coming out of the holidays, you might feel invigorated, refreshed, and ready to get back to work. But, eventually that enthusiasm will wear off and you might not be aware of the “obvious signs” that point to a needed get away. Plus more than half of workers report that they don’t use their vacation or personal time. So, here is a quick list of signs you need a vacation that you can keep on top of mind:

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03 Jan 2013

Amazon Enter to Win

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Have an Altego laptop case? Write a review on Amazon.com for any Altego laptop case and be entered to win Altego product. Good luck!


02 Jan 2013

3 Tips on How to Travel Light: Efficiently Packing Your Backpack

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Making the decision to go on vacation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Taking time to enjoy a new destination expands your mind and gives your body time it needs to relax and replenish itself from the daily grind of working.

 If you’re next vacation is one where you want to travel light, try getting a backpack and clothes that are easy to fold and roll so you can hop on and off the plane unencumbered by too much luggage. Here are some tips for how to pack and travel light:

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27 Dec 2012

Power Saving Tips for Your Laptop

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If you compare your new laptop with an older model from only five or six years ago, several things will be obvious straight away. Firstly the screen size and aspect ratio will most likely have changed to a ‘widescreen’ format which is the de facto standard today and secondly the machine itself will be noticeably thinner and lighter.

 The weight difference and decrease in thickness is mainly due to advances in battery technology which has seen them become significantly smaller and lighter with each new generation. Batteries are also becoming more efficient in both storage and capacity but as our reliance on mobile devices increases so does the potential drain on power – but how can you combat this?

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26 Dec 2012

Weekly Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway is a Clear Sleeve of your choice. Follow us on Twitter @altegobrand and tweet about your favorite Altego product using hashtag #altegobag to enter. We will announce the winner on 12/28.

19 Dec 2012

Weekly Giveaway

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Happy Holidays Altego fans! For those of you who don’t know we are doing a weekly contest on our Altego Facebook account. We are giving away one Altego Laptop Sleeve to one of our lucky fans each week. The prize winners are randomly drawn from our Altego Brand Facebook fans. Just go to our Facebook page, like and then comment on the post to be entered to win!

18 Dec 2012

What to Bring in Your Carry-on

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There used to be a time, long ago, when you could pack as much as you could into one bag and hope that it somehow fit all cozy and comfy into your carry-on luggage without having to stuff it into the overhead compartment. But now, since the enforcement of rules and regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the size, weight, and types of items you’re allowed to bring aboard an airplane has changed, it’s time to rethink how to fit your belongings into 45 linear inches of space.











So to avoid the impossible (and unavoidable) fees that come along with checking a second or third piece of baggage at the ticket counter, here’s a few tips, accessories, and words of wisdom for all of you looking to save money while also packing the necessary items that will make your plane ride an easy-peasy endeavor.

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17 Dec 2012

Holiday Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It’s a week before Christmas and many Americans are gearing up to make their annual holiday trip to Grandma’s. This infographic from CheapSally.com gives you some interesting facts and a few tips to make your holiday travel quick and painless.



Where are you traveling for the holidays? Leave your comment below.

11 Dec 2012

10 Tricks for Getting Gas Cheaper

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Since gas prices have risen, the need to save a penny (literally) has almost become an obsession amongst commuters and travelers.  And it always seems like there is a steep increase during the times we need it most, summer and winter holidays. If you plan on traveling for the holidays, take a look at these 10 money saving tips before you hit the road.

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10 Dec 2012

Cyan backpack on Zip line

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My Thanksgiving this year wasn’t spent in typical holiday tradition sitting idly watching football or planning black Friday shopping excursions; this year it was in the middle of the Texas Hill country without even cell service and yet full of family fun and adventure. Being the city gal that I am, I might have been “getting away” from work and daily responsibilities but my laptop was making the trip regardless. So I packed up my necessary equipment in my Altego backpack and headed to “camp”. Camp Eagle that is. It’s a great place – you should check it out.
On thanksgiving we decided to head out and concur the newest “high ropes” adventure at camp eagle… so new in fact it isn’t even completely finished but I was in luck because my brother is trained and able to run the zip line anyway (he lives and works there as a Director of several programs). This zip line is a 3000ft zip line – the longest in Texas and according to some GPS fun it gets ya going about 50mph! Lovingly referred to as the Mega Zip.
So we (my brother) packed up all the needed gear and we headed out. I thought it would be fun to make a little documentary of the adventure so I brought my backpack along with me for the ride.


04 Dec 2012

What’s in Your Bag

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Altego’s newly released Channel Stitched Ruby series and Coated Canvas Cyan series laptop cases lend themselves to a variety of users from mobile workers, daily commuters, medical professionals to on-the-go parents.

So we asked a few users What’s in Your Bag? Here are some of the pictures we got.

“I’m a female and yes I prefer to carry a laptop backpack, it allows my hands to be free and the weight of the bag to be centered which is necessary since my laptop is a 17” – 7lbs all on its own. Since I live an hour+ from work I commute with all I could need in a day. Of course my laptop and power cord are a given but I also carry a USB mouse just in case the traffic is too heavy I can stop and work mid commute and wait out that nasty traffic. My Kindle and ear buds are a personal entertainment must. I always have a water and a snack. It is so nice to be able to carry all this without even coming close to maxing out this backpack.”













“I work in the ER which tends to have non-traditional hours, it is nice to use a bag that has a place for everything I need on a daily bases so when I am running out the door in the middle of the night to start a shift I have everything easily accessible in this messenger bag.”


“As many parents would know, you can never leave the house without extras of EVERYTHING. Luckily I found a bag that not only carries what I need throughout the day but it’s not as bulky as a diaper bag. I am able to fit all the essentials for myself as well as my 9 month old without the bag getting to hard to handle. I prefer the Coated Canvas messenger bag because my things are easily accessible and the bag is water resistant. There are enough pockets to keep everything separated and organized and there’s room to spare.”



The Altego Channel Stitched Backpack is the perfect bag for me, a marketing professional slash workout nut. Not only does it have a killer design with plush flannel plaid lining but it’s also the perfect size. The slim design is great for both hauling it back and forth from home to work or while on road when I need to stuff it under the seat or in the overhead bin. Even with the smaller footprint it has plenty of room for all my electronics, chargers, reading materials, snacks and drinks to refuel before or after a workout, a few office supplies and even has enough room for my hoodie. Two thumbs up!”



As a young female professional I was looking for something stylish (love the Cyan color and quilting accents) and just big enough to fit the essentials. This bag has plenty of room for my can’t-live -without Apple trifecta (MacBook, iPad and iPhone) and a few files that go back and forth to work. It’s important to have a bag roomy enough to carry everything I need but small enough that it doesn’t weigh me down as I juggle it along with my purse on the long walk from the parking lot to my desk.”


Do you have an Altego bag? Well we want to know what’s in your bag! Join us on Facebook and upload your pictures.


27 Nov 2012

How to Pack Like a Pro

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If you’ve ever travelled for business – or travelled the world with only a backpack on your shoulders – you’ll know the pain of packing lightly – and the difference a good bag or a good technique can make.

I know, for sure, that my life changed the day I realised you could roll up your underwear and stuff them in your shoes. I had a new lease of life with my joy for packing – suddenly I had more space. More space meant more outfits. And more outfits is always a good thing. Don’t try and tell any woman otherwise.

It was my honeymoon when I first made a conscious effort to pack properly. We had had a romantic winter wedding in the middle of snowy December – and my husband and I had booked a romantic getaway to New York for the following week. But that wasn’t all – to counteract the snow and the cold – we had booked a week (straight after) in Mexico.

The perfect holiday really – we had the magical snow and festivity of New York but we also had the sunshine and sand of Mexico. At the time I felt on cloud nine – getting the best of both worlds! But then it slowly dawned on me – that I would not have to pack for one season – but two. This is difficult – and if you’ve ever attempted it yourself I know that you’re currently nodding your head in agreement.

So how can you start packing like a pro? Ok. I’ve got the stuff. I’ll let you in my best advice:

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20 Nov 2012

10 Things to Look for When Buying a Laptop Bag

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In the market for a new laptop bag? Some people might find that buying a laptop bag is a simple task. But be wary of your quick decisions, you might wind up spending more time and money returning a previous impulse purchase. Consider these 10 things when you’re looking to purchase a laptop bag: Read more

16 Nov 2012

Turkey and Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Looking forward to traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Check out a few facts about the history of Thanksgiving and current statistics on travel and spending with this infographic from Nationwide.

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26 May 2012

Laptop Storage Bags Review by TwoClassyChicks.com

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Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Altego who sells a line of laptop and Macbook storage bags. You will find styles like the traditional carry tote and even a wonderful unisex backpack. In addition to the laptop bags you will find netbook and laptop sleeves too! Read more

17 May 2012

What is The History of Plaid?

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The new Channel Stitched Ruby Series Bags from Altego have an beautiful Plaid pattern on the inside. Plaid is steeped in tradition and folklore. Here is a brief history on the interesting material.

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15 May 2012

How Fast Can You Read?

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This is an interesting test to see how fast you read. Takes about 3 minutes. At the end it’ll tell you how long it would take to read some classic novels. It would take me 27 hours to read War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy if I didn’t stop reading. In reality it took me about 14 months to finish that book!

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

07 May 2012

Life Sized People Made From Office Supplies – WOW!

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The Following comes to us from My Modern Met. This is by far one of the coolest and most intrecate things done with simple office products. Beautiful.

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